Frequent Questions

I still don't get it...Huh?

Swell is essentially a service that will tell you via email, text, or phone call, when there's a rush of people going to your site. Like an out of the ordinary amount of people. This way you can read what they're saying about you. Tweet or post to Facebook about it. Tell your parents you've finally succeeded in getting noticed, and you're dropping out of college. Plus a whole host of other stuff. The key is knowing immediately that something is happening. After that, anything is possible.

What does this thing cost?

During beta it's completely free. When we're out of beta, we're going to have a free plan and a paid plan. Maybe two paid plans. Honestly, we have no idea. But it's safe to say that you'll be able to use some form of Swell for Free, for ever and ever and ever. Or until we say you can't... yeah sorry about that.

Do you need access to my code?

No way. We have enough code to worry about.

Do I need to know how to write code?

Hell no! We give you a little bit of ours, and you paste it into your site. It's super simple. The full details are inside your dashboard. Just click Settings! We're also going to be making a Wordpress plugin!

So how do you know how many people are on my site, right now?

That's a complicated question. Basically, that little piece of code you dropped in, tells us every time someone loads up your site. It also tells us why they loaded up your site. We're also super smart, and can count real fast. Any more info than that, and we could melt your brain.

I'm not down with you knowing too much about my site visitors.

We don't! Nor do we want to. All our monitoring is completely anonymous. We just know how many there are, and why they're there.

I'm using Wordpress. Do you have a plugin?

Not yet, but we will! We're definitely making a Wordpress plugin. It's at the top of our new features list. We won't come out of beta without it.

Are you going to use my email or phone number for any weird spammy crap?

No. There's nothing worse than picking up the phone and hearing someone on the other end trying to sell you something. Seriously. We will never reveal your phone number or email, to anyone.

What's the number you guys call from, so I can put it in my contacts?

Great idea! It's +1 (347) 652-1208. Also, if you're using an iPhone, you should add us to your favorites so you can still get texts and phone calls from us, when Do Not Disturb is turned on. There's people on your site! Who can sleep at a time like this?!!

This is a US number, but I'm located in the UK. What should I do?

First thing you should do is DON'T PANIC! We're going to be adding more local numbers soon! Definitely before we're out of beta.

What is a Helloer?

A Helloer is what we call a person who’s on your site. So when we say you have 4 Helloers, that’s us saying you have 4 people on your site. Why don’t we just say that? Cause that would be booorrrriiinnnnggggg.

Do you have any tips for setting up my alert rules?

Sure! The key to setting up alert rules, is knowing what your average Helloer count is. If you don’t know, then it’s probably smart to set up a ton of rules, all within a few Helloers of each other, and see what happens. For instance, you could set up 10 email rules, starting with 2, and ending with 20. Then see how the day goes. If we’re blowing up your email like mad, you’ve probably set them too low. Look at what the highest alert was all day, then use that as a new baseline for the next day. Set up 10 new email rules starting with your baseline and go up by 3 on each rule. Then test again. The goal is to never get alerted twice in a day, by the same rule, except for maybe your highest one.